Cheeky Slave Over The Knee

Chubby amateur gives her Master a reason to spank

Nimue can be a cheeky slut, and it's one of the things her Master loves about her. He never runs short of reasons to spank her, and he loves causing her pain in their extreme spanking games. When he pulls her over his knee, she is exposed and vulnerable. There is no way she can move to escape from the relentless stinging blows he delivers, all she can do is helplessly kick her feet up and cry out in pain. When he brings out the leather paddle, it gets even worse, the pain builds to an unbearable level.

But still the bbw girl is cheeky, so there is only one option left. Telling her to kneel up and hold position, her Owner goes to fetch the cane. She knows how much this hurts and starts to think that maybe her cheekiness wasn't a good plan. But it's too late now, and she must suffer many strokes of the cane, each one leaving visible lines across her plump arse, which is framed perfectly by her stockings. Eventually he stops, and leaves her there to feel the glow in her bottom, and think about her brattiness.


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