Slave Janna's Building Site Punishment

Janna has forgotten to do the work her Master instructed, and the builders have gone.

All this submissive girl had to do was remember to pay the builders, but she forgot and her Owner is very disappointed. The new dungeon was meant to be finished and he was excited to torture and tease his girl in there for the first time today. When he arrives and it is still a mess, he knows that the slut needs to be punished, and not in a way she would enjoy.

Dragged onto the workbench, he delivers a harsh, fast spanking to her exposed bottom, making her scream and cry out in pain. As her bottom colours up, turning a vivid red colour, she must suffer the humiliation of having her knickers pulled down. But the spanking doesn't seem to be getting through to her in quite the way it should, and it's time to step it up a level. On all fours, the strap is brought into play, as he delivers the strokes with full force, her bottom visibly bruising.

But no punishment is complete without that most feared implement – the cane. Kneeling up, her body on display, she endures the cane, knowing this is the only way she can get his forgiveness

nervous slave brunette in red dress on the table, legs in the air he pulls her knickers down
spanking her pale bottom doggy style punishment strap on her arse punishment bruises
scared slave afraid of the cane painful cane stroke screaming slut
striped behind kneeling to strip humiliation punishment red, punished ass


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