Spanking is a big part of an amateur slave's day to day life. There are many different levels of spanking and it can be used for all sorts of different purposes. There's maintanance spankings, which are delivered on a regular basis, as a reminder to the slave to keep her place, and the consequences if she doesn't.

There is also punishment spankings, and these are designed to make the submissive aware that she has done something bad, and that she must now endure an entirely unpleasant spank scene so that she can earn forgiveness.

Amateur Slaves Nimue and Janna must endure punishment for what they have done wrong. They know that it is due and they must accept the consequences of their actions. The paddle, strap and cane all feature, as they are significantly more painful than a simple hand spanking, to make sure the girl really does learn her lesson. Afterwards, she should be sorry and beg for forgiveness, and more importantly, not repeat the action which lead to receiving her Masters' displeasure in the first place.

A submissives main drive is the desire to please her Owner, no matter what, so she knows if he has to resort to these extreme actions, she has failed herself, and more importantly, her Master.

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Punishment Spanking

Caned For Cheekiness

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